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LISA: THE RUINED [P.1] :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 1 4
FANDOM JUMPER: ORPHAN by Cl0k1 FANDOM JUMPER: ORPHAN :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 4 0 Leggy Fanart: LAUGH AT YOURSELF by Cl0k1 Leggy Fanart: LAUGH AT YOURSELF :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 5 3 [OPEN COLLAB] Terrance... by Cl0k1
Mature content
[OPEN COLLAB] Terrance... :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 4 6
Sailor Moon! NSFW by Cl0k1
Mature content
Sailor Moon! NSFW :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 2 3
Spongebob Squarepants: THUNDERLAND
There’s apparently a scrapped SpongeBob episode that was supposed to go on for the Halloween Specials in Nickelodeon. It was unknown which year it was supposed to air however due to speculations, Viacom didn’t allow them to air the special episode as it contained copyrighted material by adding parodic scenes with them.
For the episode itself, there’s little evidence to find of this episode besides a few storyboard pictures and screenshots found by an employee themselves (who’s unwilling to show anyone but some lucky individuals). Certain individuals had interviewed this employee and the employee was open enough to give answers.
She had claim that the episode’s name was: THUNDERLAND.
The special’s synopsis had a simple premise: SpongeBob and Patrick decided to go and visit Sandy’s house after their entire day is drained from work and boredom. Sandy allowing the goofballs in, the squirrel is doing an experiment with wires and he
:iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 6 0
CREEPYPASTA OC: H-3X by Cl0k1 CREEPYPASTA OC: H-3X :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 9 7 SU Alternate Universe: Lazarus  by Cl0k1 SU Alternate Universe: Lazarus :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 22 1 [CONTEST ENTRY] Hello?  by Cl0k1 [CONTEST ENTRY] Hello? :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 14 3 {COLLAB} A old man and a piano by Cl0k1 {COLLAB} A old man and a piano :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 12 5 Clocki and Em Unite! by Cl0k1 Clocki and Em Unite! :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 10 3 RESIDENT EVIL OC: JANET JUPITER  by Cl0k1 RESIDENT EVIL OC: JANET JUPITER :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 13 0 GADCBF: Chapter 1: The Meeting by Cl0k1 GADCBF: Chapter 1: The Meeting :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 10 6
The Awesome Pear
Once upon a time, there was this pear.
This wasn't a ordinary pear but a SUPERPEAR!
It could jump up to the moon, touched the sun without a burnt mark.
Even owning fab skin.
One day-
But the knife caught the both and sliced them in half.
And the man lived happily ever after, eating his fruit.


:iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 7 24
KEI {-FANART-} by Cl0k1 KEI {-FANART-} :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 10 7 Popee the Performer ((OC)) Boxyo by Cl0k1 Popee the Performer ((OC)) Boxyo :iconcl0k1:Cl0k1 9 11


Send help by xStar-Childx Send help :iconxstar-childx:xStar-Childx 200 54 Monster Tom by WoLfPeLt102 Monster Tom :iconwolfpelt102:WoLfPeLt102 152 10 Today is the day I live by DarkeDny Today is the day I live :icondarkedny:DarkeDny 52 10 The Art Guy by Octoboo The Art Guy :iconoctoboo:Octoboo 7 3 Lick by NitendoFan92 Lick :iconnitendofan92:NitendoFan92 18 1 Anonymous Commission - Lisa by MichaelJLarson Anonymous Commission - Lisa :iconmichaeljlarson:MichaelJLarson 77 12 Lisa the Painful RPG by HonoluluJoe Lisa the Painful RPG :iconhonolulujoe:HonoluluJoe 298 52 HG101: The Guide to Retro Indie Games Vol. 1 by Kaibuzetta HG101: The Guide to Retro Indie Games Vol. 1 :iconkaibuzetta:Kaibuzetta 196 18 Alice Update by BabyB01 Alice Update :iconbabyb01:BabyB01 16 4 it need not be said by windycarnage it need not be said :iconwindycarnage:windycarnage 120 11 EWCOMIC No. 238 - Edd-G by eddsworld EWCOMIC No. 238 - Edd-G :iconeddsworld:eddsworld 1,126 72 EWCOMIC No. 237 - On A Roll by eddsworld EWCOMIC No. 237 - On A Roll :iconeddsworld:eddsworld 1,302 166
Eat! (creepypasta)
I'm writing this out in hopes that whoever reads this will figure out the truth, and that I'm not crazy.
I know it's a long shot, but I need to explain myself.
I don't care how many times I have to defend myself.
I'm not insane.
What I saw was real.
And what I did was all for my own safety, and the safety of my family.
I didn't want them to be killed.
But no one believed me.
They locked me away.
They called me a murderer.
They called me a cannibal.
It's horrible in here.
The smell of sterilising chemicals in my cell and the constant talks with doctors who think they can help me.
But they never listen.
They never understand.
No matter how many times I explain it all to them.
They say I'm making it up.
They say I'm trying to hide my true feelings.
My true motives.
After a while, I just had to nod my head every session to whatever they said.
"Yes, I understand I'm insane", I would say.
"Yes, I understand what I did was wrong", I would say.
I knew what I did was wrong, but they'd ne
:icontsnophaljakarax:Tsnophaljakarax 7 5
Too pure for this wretched earth by DingosTrash Too pure for this wretched earth :icondingostrash:DingosTrash 3 0 LISA by thesmallestjay LISA :iconthesmallestjay:thesmallestjay 4 0 STARR by GhostlyRay STARR :iconghostlyray:GhostlyRay 5 0


I've never understood the concept of family. I know what it is. I never felt like I had one thou.
It's something I'll never have.
That what happens when you live in hell for too long.

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The story that you're about to read consists of risky subjects. This may include rape, sexual content, violence, swearing, murder and etc. These subjects may offend some people, so if I were you, click out of this story now before you go down and complain about this story. The fandom I'm writing it for isn't for children, LISA is a horrifying depressing game. So I must apologies just in case I offend somebody.

- Trickster Clocki 

He remembers the glimpses of white, flashing in his own eyes. The next second, the entire department was demolished and covered in rubble. Hints of a shiny square object with one drip of blood and surrounded by disgusting men with horrific needs. The White Flash towards him was possibly one of the worst events that occurred in Olathe.

Waiting in a long queue filled with grimy men, the entire gang couldn’t wait for their grand prize in that old room. Before the gang had managed to have their turn, both bosses had shared their precious prize together. One taking front as the other took the behind. Massaging the sweaty bod and licking his tender flesh, both thought this was one dream come true. To the fragile man, it was one endless nightmare. The exact same old bullshit.

Outside of the room, the gang was growing quite impatient. Bragging like brats, pushing in the line and punching each other’s shoulders violently. This situation was compared to waiting in one line inside of the shopping centre, except worse. An argument had finally broke out between two other gang members in line. All eyes that payed attention to the douchebags in line.

“Yer’ kidding me, lad?” One of the men slurred, “The bosses are goin’ to let us have a turn, so cool down you wuss.”

Without any hesitation, the other man had spat out the following lines: “Wuss!? Oh, I don’t think the boss is gonna give you a turn after he finds that you’ humped his favourite boulder!” The entire gang had burst into laughter and gasped in shock, except the one that was insulted. Seconds later, a fist was thrown to his face. Eventually, escalated into a brawl. 

This didn’t disturb the bosses in anyway, but that was because of the muffling and moaning that’s caused by their prize himself. The newest position had caused an erotic screech, even his beautiful face was seen by the bosses. The eldest boss viewed the clock beside them, he nearly forgotten about the gang members waiting their turn. So, the man allowed his partner to finish the job as he went outside with his pants on. As for the other boss, he decided to toy with the boy’s emotions.

“Alrighty, our amigo Master Bates is just finishing- “He froze, realising the brawl was happening. The man decided to growl with his husky voice: “GET IN LINE DIPSHITS!” None of them still didn’t take recognition, except for one person.

‘Come on, you lousy cunts. I just want my dick soaked!” The boss nodded and agreed to this lousy statement. Now glancing to the person, he noticed something a bit off. His gang members were camouflage in mud, wore sloppy pants and covered their bods in damn rocks. For this particular person, he wasn’t covered in mud, had pants or even had the damn rocks. This idiot only wore a huge-ass coat, golden necklace on his neck and one helmet that only had a smug expression. None of them seemed to notice as he was at the back of the line.

He wasn’t apart of the gang.

“Excuse me!” The mysterious one walked towards the boss in a flamboyant style, “But- “


"When is it my turn?"

His head was rolling on the rough floor. Finally bringing attention to all gang members. All of them couldn’t believe their eyes, the man that was in charge, dead by one mysterious person. Sliced him up with one hell of a knife. Folding the knife back up under his sleeves, he swiftly turns towards the rest of the members. They saw the crooked grin under that helmet.

“Believe it or not, ya’ boss isn’t the only one that got sliced- “He spoke with pride as the rest of the members grabbed nearby rocks, “-Besides, your ‘lads’ outside got the same old treatment. Even the gang before, the Aussie bastard, weirdos...”

Aiming the rocks to the man, he sighs and pulls out the gun behind his coat. His last sentence to them all: “Alright, let’s just get to the part where everyone dies.”

“Damn, that’s how it feels to touch a chick’s hair.” Forcefully pulling the boy’s hair during their intercourse, the boy had screamed: “H-Hey! Keep fucking me already.”

“Feisty man, aren’t cha.” He changed the position for the boy, so he could see his erotic face properly. Stroking his black fluffy hair to the man’s tender face, Master Bates had smirked until-


Drenched in blood, the whore on the floor had to witness the death of a leader. Collapsing to the ground and his head rolling on the floor, god knows what happens next… 

“S-Shit! Fuck- “The man began cussing out of fear, as for the mysterious person began to emerge to the indecent fella. The mysterious one had cooed the whore down, hoping not to cause panic despite the brutal battle outside of the room.

“Jesus- Cool the fuck down, it’s just simple things. Count to 10 to cool out. One, two- “



Crackling noises of fire and stone was enough to wake any nearby gangs. However, this type of ‘gang’ seems to be lucky enough to not get assaulted by nearby gangs. The sharp blade had grind inside the man’s skin, the mysterious one was surprised how the lad didn’t automatically flinched when the knife was grind inside his flesh. Craving his name behind the man’s back. Once finished, the mysterious one had laid down on the ground and comfortably placed his head on the hard stone rock.

‘Once again’ The man had muttered to himself. ‘Asil successfully gets his bait to catch all of his fishes!’ He tapped his fingers on the tip of the knife, seeing the blood to drip down the edge. His sadistic smirk had reached the ends of his face behind the helmet.  ‘Hopefully, this whore will fool all these bitches that come facing me.’

The screeching noise of agony had followed behind, crying out loud: “OH GOD- THE FUCK HAPPENED TO ME. JESUS- IT FUCKING HURTS.”


‘Shush, Craig Whore.’ He began cooing softly to Craig, who’d became slightly disturbed by the fact that one nobody knew his name, although Craig was one grand prize and most gangs would try to seize him, so he speculated that this person might’ve been a lousy gang leader.

“The fuck are you?”

“Check your back, I don’t really have time explaining.” He wasn’t stupid enough to run in circles like a mangy dog, just for finding this leader’s name so he kept nagging for the answer. Craig was finally given a response by his newest captor. Egoistically explaining himself as one infamous outlaw throughout Olathe.

“I robbed many gangs and survived without a flinch. Whenever they’re dumbasses or not, the amazing Asil has always surpass them. But that’s because most of these goons were a ton of idiots, yet again I still robbed them regardless- “ 

The hell. I only just wanted a name. Craig pondered to himself as the man kept expressing himself. Who am I kidding, he’s probably the ‘Amazing Asil’… Maybe I could call this freak Ash or something like that so I won’t have to humiliate myself any further.

‘Wow’ He pretended to be surprised and amazed, even thou the sarcastic comment was obvious. ‘That’s amazing Ash.’ Asil still rolled with this statement, even under his helmet, the man was giggly from the sweet joy out of this conversation. Despite this, he continued to brag about himself until Craig decided to interrupt once more, this time about the man’s intentions and plans to do with the grand prize.

 “Mate, don’t worry, I have no intentions to use you for filthy deeds- “Asil began to explain as he pulls the knife from the ragged sleeves from the coat, tapping the melee weapon on the solid ground. “-Heck, I ain’t here for some loving to be honest. Y’know, I’m planning on doing a settlement with another gang that would love to ravish you.”

He tossed the knife into the air, until it landed onto his hands, cutting his palms. “So, you’re going to trade me like every other freak has- “Craig muttered to Asil, trying to get away from him as possible. This only made Asil come closer at every second. Pointing the bloodied knife towards Craig that he had a cut himself a second ago.

 “Hmm- “He pondered, stepping closer to the man. “We could make rearrangements, for a teensy weensy little condition: Just give in and come with me.” He began to explain to the whimpering whore, “I desire to an army like Mister Rando once had someday. But it’s going to be stronger, faster, better, perfect than the last. You could one ticket away for men to come and obey my rules.” The knife was close to Craig’s chin, looking like he’d slash the man apart in seconds. “What do you say? Yes or no?”


[No. Forget it!]


[Fine. I’ll join.]


[I’ll kill you]

It's official. I'm starting to get obsessed with the LISA series. Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] 

None of the less, I wanted to contribute to the fandom in some way. Since I don't have a RPG maker installed and I certainly can't reduplicate LISA's style, I can draw in a story for the small fanbase. Yes, I'm aware that this isn't the best LISA fan-made thing in the world but I would like to improve this series as it goes on.

Like for example, maybe you guys can put suggestions down, give advice, help with characters and etc. I'm also aware that the choices here so far are quite weak like every other RPG decision. Characters aren't perfect, some of them are just ass. It's going to be difficult for the fight scenes since you know that LISA has complex brawls inside. Otherwise, I hope you guys can enjoy this creation (or abomination). Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 

Stocking's Not on a Diet Emote 
Greetings my lovely clocks! Since I'm incredibly bored-


With rules...

1. There's only three characters that I'm using.
- Clocki
- Orphan
- Mari
So don't ask for any other characters, I want to play as them as it'd lead to skits. Bendy You Little Sh!t - Bendy Icon And possibly funny moments.

2. My characters are fandomless. I'd prefer if you use your persona for them.

A original character/persona that would hop through multiple fandoms due to them being fandomless. They're allowed to do anything in the fandoms and can express their interests like any normal being. Unlike other original characters, Fandom Jumpers can consistently break the 4th wall and provide knowledge about the fandom characters to the canon. Despite this, they can be considered quite destructive due to this lunatic personalities. - Sincerely Cl0k1/Crea




Now for the peaceful parts-

SQUAD: It's confirmed that Orphan belongs to Crea's Squad. Even thou that Orphan was forced to stay with Crea's other characters which is Psychopath (Clocki) and a meme addict (Mari) by the court when they discovered her creator.

ASPIRING SPEECH: BITCHALANTI! (she uses this phrase daily since Orphan would get herself in constant arguments).


  • Insulting her culture. Take for example, saying that her home is edgy which triggers Orphan a lot since it's the colours that she grew up with (despite not looking like she's aging) or just say that the names are impossible to pronounced since Orphan knows how to pronounce it. Otherwise, just be a dumb fuck in O- (look up > ACTUAL ORIGINAL HOME).

  • I dare you to say YURI SUCKS to Orphan. The bitch has a uncanny obsession with this genre in anime. Or just say that one of her OTP is a bad one and that'll get Orphan running after you and murder you without mercy. Mercy is triggered (no pun intended)

  • Take Orphan to one fandom that she'll despise. Such as Eddsworld (not the genderbend one since she's fine with female cast.) or possibly any fandom that Clocki loves like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. One fandom that'll she refuse to go to ever would be the Yaoi genre.

  • I forgotten to mentioned this but for the love of god, don't fucking call Orphan an mini Jane. That's a nickname that she wouldn't stand, hell, Orphan even got this in the past when she's a CP character (worse mistake ever made) and she doesn't care which Jane she's called by. Speaking of which, sorry bringing the creator into this.


  • Orphan has one feisty temper due to the torment that she received at her hometown.
    • The little lady can be seen as clingy, fearing that she might lose someone again.
      • Removing the temper that she owns, Orphan can be seen as one laid-back person. But this is a rare instances for her as she has 0 chill.
        • She can be quite a foul-mouthed person as she constantly swears often.
          • The bitch is careless but if you get to know her, you'll gain her respect.


  • Anime
    • Yuri
      • Steven Universe
        • Sailor Moon
          • Anything that involves lesbians
            • Femslash Ships


SUPERHERO: Under this superhero persona, Orphan decides to take on the role of the intelligent psychic called Bonzelle Beaute. During their construction of their backstories, Orphan had received this for a backstory. Once upon a time, Bonzelle fell in love with a woman called Serena Garnish. They loved each other so much that one day in Bonzelle's kingdom, they decided to get married where a horrible fate had occurred-


Ah! I love this woman so much, so I decided to draw quick Fanart due to art block and such!

Here you go Leggy! You deserve this!

I've never understood the concept of family. I know what it is. I never felt like I had one thou.
It's something I'll never have.
That what happens when you live in hell for too long.


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