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There’s apparently a scrapped SpongeBob episode that was supposed to go on for the Halloween Specials in Nickelodeon. It was unknown which year it was supposed to air however due to speculations, Viacom didn’t allow them to air the special episode as it contained copyrighted material by adding parodic scenes with them.
For the episode itself, there’s little evidence to find of this episode besides a few storyboard pictures and screenshots found by an employee themselves (who’s unwilling to show anyone but some lucky individuals). Certain individuals had interviewed this employee and the employee was open enough to give answers.
She had claim that the episode’s name was: THUNDERLAND.
The special’s synopsis had a simple premise: SpongeBob and Patrick decided to go and visit Sandy’s house after their entire day is drained from work and boredom. Sandy allowing the goofballs in, the squirrel is doing an experiment with wires and he
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[DDLC FC] Poem: Do you have scissors?

This is one of the poems made by Tomo, if he was to show the poem to the protagonist.

According to the description, Tomo would write poems that are story-based which is often compared to nursery rhymes.
He's also known to leave a picture, explaining that he was suffering from procrastination and writer's block. 

Or is he?
Doki Doki Literature Club! - Monika Icon #2 

His font is mainly Poor Richard, which can mean more than it seems.

More information about Tomo:…

[DDLC is a free game by Dan Salvato otherwise known as Team Salvato. Get it now!]
[DDLC FC] so much pressure.txt
This would be one of the .txt files that would be found if Tomo was added.
What I'm just saying is that THIS ISN'T OFFICAL.
Double slap attack 

Also, I'll give someone a cupcake if they can decode the text file~

More information about Tomo:…
[DDLC FC] 3r0h3
I was bored and I decided to take a suggestion from one of the comments.

:iconbookseven: I tried covering him with eyes but he didn't look right! So this what I did. Covered Tomo in mouths, used the credits background and used the realistic eyes for eyes.

I seriously need to work on the colouring and the goddamn shoes. Emoticon Twitching 
[DDLC FC] Tomo
Dear watchers, I'm gravely sorry for the lack of inactivity and art that I'm doing. The only excuse that you guys only get is school and other bullshit, but aside that, I've got a discord and I'm constantly hanging with newer people in chats. Please forgive me.
- Clocki!


This male student is identified as Tomo, one of the students that have joined the literature club. A club who's ran by Monika and all her other female students, except for the protagonist.
Unlike the students, he's often reserved and would take interest in certain topics like the cosmos and stars. Including mythology.
Will you spend time with him?

He's estimated to be around Yuri's height as Tomo is one of the members that's taller than the rest due to his own gender. Similar to some of the club members, he has dark blue eyes that resemble the galaxy. Unlike the other students, Tomo would be slim and muscular but is mentioned by the other students that he has a feminine look as Tomo has sleek black hair, making one of his eyes covered. He's often seen with the school's sweater as wearing the other jacket would overall irritate him. If the protagonist is lucky enough to go with his route, Tomo should appear with a fancy checker coat and a scarf.

Throughout the course of the game, Tomo may start out as one distant student; reserving himself in the classroom and refuses any interaction. Monika gradually tells the player that Tomo can come out either confused or hostile whenever students try to grab his attention. More information states that Tomo is constantly stressed out from his job, which is never clarified in the game. This can be further explained by Monika as he won't open up until students have certain words and interest that appeal to him. Which can be evidently found during the poetry mini-game as he'll jump up to certain words. If you take his route, he'll slowly open up to the protagonist and will understand their true personality, including his own.

If the protagonist wants to grab Tomo's attention, these are certain interest that will grab his attention during the Poetry Mini-Game:

-Mythology [Can be Japanese, Norse, Greek and etc.]
- Monsters
- HP Lovecraft [Is hinted that he enjoys that type of work in one of the cutscenes]
- Manga [Ito's work to be exact]
- Drawings and Art
- Cosmos [hence the nickname: "Eyes of the Galaxy"]
- Mystery [Brings a certain curiousity]
- Cash and Money [This doesn't mean he's greedy. He just needs the money for something else.]

Finishing the poem and showing it to Tomo will make the protagonist appeal to him. He'd probably praise him for adding these certain features to the poem but would give some more suggestion like certain creatures and etc.


The fishermen were in the midst of the oceans, searching for a beast.
As they dreamt of treasures, popularity and a feast.
One of them cried: "Hear the wail of the whale-"
"If we hear it, it must be impaled"
The wave cradled them like a child.
Except there was no more smiles,
They row their boats back to sea.
After witnessing something that the men couldn't believe.

He mostly writes story-based poetry, often rhyming with each other like a nursery rhyme. Tomo would often leave a small image at the end of the poem to see what he's seeing. Despite this, this can leave mystery as what techincally happened, including the meaning, characters and etc. Most of them would consist of legends and tales, mythology can be found in most of his works. Whilst reading his poems, there's a violin theme playing in the background along with bells.


After the 1st Act, Monika will tamper with the game as she'll make the characters unlikable to the player. Tomo isn't a exception as he has to suffer the consquences as well. His personality will be affected as Tomo will start to act more hostile than his usual calm behaviour. His emotions are more likely to be expressed and he'll show disspointment whenever you show him a poem he doesn't like. Tomo's often more stressed out and could have a mental breakdown if he's pressured enough.

In the canonical version of the 2nd Act, the player must advance the game by choosing Yuri's route to get to the game's true ending. If Tomo were to be added in the game, he'd be one of the alternate options to advance. The more time that the player spends more time with Tomo, he's more likely to open up but not in the normal way that he usual does.

 Eventually the protagonist will get into a fist-fight between Tomo, ending with the protagonist winning as Tomo's clothing is torn apart. Glitching the game as his body is covered by the photorealistic mouths except his clothes, eyes and mouth which is only reflected with a teary face. Despite this, those mouths can hint on what job that Tomo's constantly stressing out on. He also mention some dialogue which is sexually explicted and creepy, saying that the Main Character is better than any other man that he's met. Tomo's secret poem get's revealed as well:

The toy is left on the shelf for display.
Hoping it could find a new owner to play.
After being sold by their owner, it's taken away.
Only for a endless pit of misery.

Torn apart.
Broken Heart.
Dying and dying.
But still continues to breath.

Should I just quit?
No, I can't. The family has a debt.
They're making me do this.

I hate it. But I'll die if I leave.
I don't want to hurt anyone no more.
Just as long I don't tell anyone.

Ĕͭͩ͝v̽ͦ̏ͩ̐̀ͧ̕͜e̡ͥͭͦ͛̅r̆̆͗̇̐͑̋̚҉͠yͥ̊̊̍̏͑̎͂́̀͜ť̴̂ͧ͑̆̒̐ͨ̕͜h̾̀̐̀҉͞͞i̧͂̔̈̃̀͟ṅ̴̶̨̋́̏ͩ̎g̓̇̑ͤͤ͂͗͏̡ ̔̊̋̔́e̴ͫ̐l̒ͥ͆̈́͂̇ͭ̍̚s̵̵ͩ͛̆ͥe͋͛̐ͦ̈́̕ ̈́͒ͧ͊ͫ̊͜i̸ͩ̊̐͐͡ṡ̀ͬ̽̒̓̇̈͏ ̸ͣ̂ͪ͜͜o͐̿͆̋̏͏k̷ͮͭ̿̃ͤ̆äͩ̋̎̔̀y̸͑ͧ̔̓͑ͬ̕͠.̀̃̂̉͘͜͟ ̨̔͊ͭͪ͑̊̀͜

Hanging out with the other two girls, Natsuki and Yuri will make Tomo hostile and try to tell the protagonist lies about the girls.
For example, Tomo will say that Yuri is a "edgy bitch" and said that Yuri should shove her knives down her flithy throat.
Yuri will say something similar except she said that he should be tossed like a toy and be torn apart by mangy dogs.

At the end of the 2nd Act, the outcome will go either way. Yuri will casually kill herself in the normal ending, with Tomo installed, he'll likely to be killed by Yuri if the protagonist spend more time with him. Although there's a small chance that Tomo might shove knives down Yuri's throat and eventually kill himself afterwords.

During the discussion with Monika, she admits that she started to tamper with the character's codes. When she's talking about Tomo, Monika claims that he was a interesting fella as he's the only male character in the club and said that she'd fear the player might get attached to his calm and reserved personality, so she tried to use his worst qualities against the player only to backfired when he obviously wanted the protagonist to spend time with him more. Thus, this eventually driven to his murder or suicide, depending on which character you spend your time with.


  • Looking into one of Tomo's eyes can show you a faded sayori in the eyeball. It isn't clear if Sayori is hanging or not.
  • During the ghost menu, Tomo is seen with a gloomy expression unlike the rest of the cast. In the normal menu, Tomo is the one sitting in between Sayori and Monika but when Sayori's absent in Act 2, he'll be taking Sayori's original location instead.
  • There's a rare event when you open the menu, it'll start with the words "END" and will only show a creepy eyeball with the BGM only static and breathing. Following your every trace. This is presumingly Tomo's eye as he and Sayori only have blue eyes, except his is darker.
  • During Monika's discussion, if you choose Tomo over Yuri, she'll either call you a Fujoshi or Fudanshi as she doesn't know the player's gender.
  • There's a rare scare for Tomo where there's the word '3r0h3' is suddenly piling up the screen. If you properly decoded it, you should know what it means.
  • At the beginning of Act 2, Natsuki will give her cupcakes to the members, including Tomo. If you talk with Tomo whilst he's eating the cupcake, there should be a quick flash where Tomo isn't eating the cupcake anymore. Turning out that he's eating a body part or a organ, even thou it isn't known what it is.


  • Tomo is based on the Uke trope that surrounds the Yaoi genre.
    • I had trouble finding Tomo's name and tried to think of a name that wasn't featured already. Until I read Tomie by Junji Ito, I thought of a male version of that name, Tomo. Meaning twin in Japanese.
      • Tomo originally going to have red eyes, since there's red in the logo. However, I stopped and thinked about it as Tomo's eyes can bring attention such as him probably going to be called edgy and people accusing him of having the protagonist's eyes. So I just went with a dark blue, even thou Sayori already had it.
        • I'm aware that one of the characters are reading horror and such but Tomo's more interested in the mythology stuff than the current things that Yuri likes.

 Too tired for this Shit... This certainly tired me out...

Also sorry for the lack of shit recently. I know I haven't been active and such, but I'm not dead. Besides, I'm WORKING real hard on Koko, Terrance and all of the other characters. Chitoge Tired Icon 

Speaking of which I haven't done his relationships. DANG.
Let me know that if your DDLC FC want to be a relationship with Tomo. And I'm also allowing for people to draw Tomo as well! Yeah, I don't mind, go for it!

[DDLC is a free game by Dan Salvato otherwise known as Team Salvato. Get it now!]


The title's absolutely correct! I'm deciding to change Terrance.
Green Link Sweat 
Why? I'll explain.

I felt like Terrance was kind of a wuss for a CP character. In a horror perspective, he was kind of cliché and such. I mean, he's just some man that couldn't get a woman. Poisoned by men... 
You know the drill.

Regardless, I want to recreate Terrance as something else. Something that's still connect with his past-self and such.
And that's why I'm asking for opinions when I'm giving new info about Terrance.


Terrance is remains unknown to most people. They can't figure out what Terrance is exactly.
Is he a demon? A ghost? A monster? Nobody knows for themselves.
However, there's this clear fact about him. And that's he'll find a way to manipulate both men and women to be on his side.
Giving both genders a hypnotic bait to drag'em in.  
There's one thing that most people need to prevent doing to Terrance.
 1. Don't provoke him in anyway, it'll backfire on you eventually.
2. Never French Make-Out with Terrance. It's proven to be toxic.


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